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Information about your season can be found below.  

Divisions & Fixtures

Season Fixtures Will Appear Here approx 5 days prior to your season


Accessing Your Team Information

The Team Dugout feature is a page dedicated to your team.  Only members of your team can access it - and from this page you can 

  • review who the registered members of your team are
  • check to see the status of your team during pre-season
  • obtain player contact information
  • captains can email and SMS players
  • review a historical record of emails issued to the team from Legends and your captain

How To Access Your Team Information

Step 1: Login
The far right menu item - hit 'Login' and enter your password and email address.  If 'My Details' is there instead, cool - hit that and you wont need to put in your password as you are already in!
Screen  Shot 2018- 08- 07 at 4. 35. 13 pm

Step 2:  Hit your team's link on your home screen
The team link is in the 'Group' section of your profile.  In the example below, Player Example is a member of 'Mums On The Run', which is also a link.  That link will take you to your team's information.

Screen  Shot 2018- 08- 07 at 6. 31. 59 pm

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